Call of Duty: Champions Kit 2020

Call of Duty: Champions Kit 2020

CDL teams up with two prolific designers, Joe Perez and Sheron Barber, to create one of the best Champions Kit that the tournament has ever seen.

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games in current times and is held in high regard amongst gamers around the world. The COD championship is an annual event, held at the end of the season to determine the world champion of the year and is a tournament that holds tremendous respect and is valued a lot by the games’ fans.

This year, however, the championship was held online as opposed to a physical location due to the ongoing pandemic. Winning the title is a great deal for gamers in the community and this year, there was more to look forward to than just being crowned champions. Images of the ‘Call of Duty’ League Champions Kit were released recently and the kit definitely increased the stakes with every participant vying for a chance to win the grand prize.

Designed by Kanye West’s former creative director Joe Perez, this year’s kit features a one of kind Champions ring adorned in black diamonds, a special Air Jordan 6 Golden Moments Pack pair, a trophy ofcourse and for the first time ever - a Winner’s Throne. Perez drew inspirations from various aspects of industrial design and future tech which reflect in the design of the kit through features some as the automatic sliding case, complemented by matching lights.

CDL aka Call of Duty League also made sure there was something in it for the fans by collaborating with Private Label on a limited edition duffel bag that was available for purchase by everybody.

The bag features 12 CDL customisable team patches and can fit upto 4 pairs of shoes. It also includes a secret pocket for a laptop and is currently retailing for $185 (Rs. 13,580 approx.) on the label's website.

Private Label

"It represents a moment of the highest achievement in a game that requires the utmost skill and strategic planning. I hope that the winners will regard the kit as the ultimate reward for the realisation of all of their hard work and years of training."

Joe Perez

CDL also took a non-traditional approach towards the design of the trophy with its sculptural aesthetic that makes it into a work of art in its own right. The inclusion of CDL’s logo that conveys the timelessness, strength and effort it takes to win the coveted piece. The triple-tiered trophy also allows for the top logo piece to be removed and displayed on its own.

The piece-de-resistance, the first of its kind championship throne, was designed by Sheron Barber, who is known to have worked with stars like Post Malone and Travis Scott in the past.

The throne is aesthetically similar to the rest of the kit and CDL’s branding and is designed to accommodate the comfort and functionality for the use of a pro player. Taking cues from his own experience as a player, the designer injected an element of nostalgia by referencing arcade games he played as a child.

The CDL championship took place over two days on August 29th and 30th and was won by the professional CDL esports team, Dallas Empire.

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