Broadening The Horizon Of Customisation with Pranav Nireshwalia

Broadening The Horizon Of Customisation with Pranav Nireshwalia

Channeling his vision through exquisitely crafted custom sneakers, Pranav Nireshwalia has brought in a fresh perspective to the sneaker scene in India. Read on to know more about the creator.

Ever since stepping into the world of customisation at the age of 17, Pranav Nireshwalia has been the talk of the sneaker town, thanks to his distinctive creative outlook. Brimming with ideas of innovating the aesthetics of an exclusive sneaker experience, and the skillset to bring these ideas to reality, Nireshwalia designed his first custom in search of a new hobby.

Recalling his earliest encounter with sneakers; the creator mentions that his fascination with them began when an instalment of the Step Up series hit the screens around 2007. Witnessing the sick kicks in dance routines got him wishing for them to be available in India, but the lack thereof encouraged him to go ahead and make a pair for himself, thus beginning his journey with customisation! The first custom creation pushed the creator towards understanding the process better and experimenting with various forms, fabrics and techniques.

“I wanted a new hobby and have always wanted to create sneakers for myself. There were a lot of sneakers that I liked but couldn’t afford, so I thought of making them. I was confident with my skillset and knew I could achieve it.”

Pranav Nireshwalia

Having been interested in the fields of design and science ever since his childhood, Nireshwalia got the knack for deconstructing and putting things together in his early days, seeing his mother tailor a few pieces during his childhood. Currently pursuing his graduation in the field of architecture, Nireshwalia opened up about the influences of art design and architecture on his creative thinking. Stressing on the technique of deconstruction, the creator mentions that the practice is slowly but steadily becoming mainstream in the fashion industry, having trickled down from the lands of art and architecture.

Detailing the kind of work he aspires to do and make a name out of, Nireshwalia mentions that he wants to venture into the nooks and crannies that the big labels don’t - simply because they wont do as well as their pre-existing designs. Telling us about his various sources of inspirations, he mentions that he is "inspired by anything and everything", with a special inclination towards cosmology, astronomy and the multifold dimensions of a technological future that the world is heading towards. Hinting at the nuances of a consumer’s psyche of choosing the best product from various other options, the designer reveals how he is intrigued by this sense of choice and the various ideologies behind it.

“I aspire to create an emotional and artistic connect with anything I’ll ever make, be it sneakers, a pavilion or a building.”

Pranav Nireshwalia

Telling us about the exquisite inclusion of textiles in his custom creations, the designer mentions that he is working towards bringing back the lost aspect of a rich and ornamental aesthetic, which has been forgotten in the process of embracing machine made fabrics and forms, that bring efficiency but deem basic and rather repetitive. This not only adds something other than the usual to the creations, but also brings forth a versatile approach to the age-old heritage looms of the country.

The inclusion of textiles also makes the creations way more exclusive and special, which the creator thinks will go a long way in the coming 20 years or so, owing to the openness that the consumer base has been showing towards owning something no one else has. Nireshwalia’s latest creation, Chuck 70 – Sample 01 “Blue Brocade”, has been making endless rounds on the Internet, owing to its extraordinary urban look complimented by the intricate use of traditional brocade fabric on the body.

“There is a huge variety in the number of looms that are present in the country. I want to unlock a very different experience through the use of these varied fabrics, prints and patterns, be it brocade, jacquard or any other loom. Mainstream brands only tap into a certain specific fabrics time and time again, when this is so much more to explore out there.”

Pranav Nireshwalia

Talking about the process that goes into customising a sneaker, Nireshwalia tells us that the entire start to end depends on the intent of the creation. There are times when it is all about creating a visual masterpiece that also acts as a statement and grabs all eyes. Quite a lot of times, people come with thoughts and ideas, and the creator adds his inputs to the designs until the customer is happy with the render. At times when the client is clueless about the kind of design they’re looking for, Nireshwalia often suggests the idea of memoralising a moment or an event that might be important to them.

With the aspiration of bringing out a limited line of sneakers by the end of this year in partnership with an Indian retailer, Nireshwalia also plans on collaborating with various brands and creative avenues in order to bring to life a few of his ideas, that would work well in a fashionable orientation.

According to Nireshwalia, the sneaker scene in India is growing rather well and at an adequate pace. While a lot of people are saving and investing in their favourite pieces, the aspect that he likes the most is the added creativity in the form of photographs and other artistic mediums to make them known. When asked for his views on the prevalent cultural scenario, the creator painted a rather honest picture of the same, based on his observations.

“The way it is in India, I am not really fond of it as it majorly revolves around the hype. For me, it’s all about being true to who you are without having to fake it for the world. I feel that it is rather important to support the up and coming, even the smallest of actions matter. One doesn’t necessarily have to buy something, but sharing the work and spreading a word in the circle also means a lot.”

Pranav Nireshwalia

Harbouring an unmatchable number of skills that are bringing forth a new dimension in India’s creative industry along with the sneaker culture, Pranav Nireshwalia’s craft has carved an ever-increasing niche for itself. Head over to the artist’s Instagram to take a detailed look at all his creations and stay tuned for fire drops!

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