Behind The Lens With Mohit Tiwari

Behind The Lens With Mohit Tiwari

Mohit Tiwari stands at the intersection of art that inspires as well as transpires the essence of love, life and all that jazz into spell binding visuals. Read on to know more.

If unfiltered visuals and experimental concepts are your thing, Mohit Tiwari is the ultimate guy behind the lens to follow on the gram.

Exploring themes of fading memories, gender and the idea of love and life drenched in sombre setups and moody storylines, Mohit enraptures his followers with gritty storylines behind moving visuals.

As a high schooler prepping to make headway in the field of science, the young creatives career plans took a detour as he stumbled upon youtube and discovered the magic that visuals hold. Upon enrolling into a filmmaking course, he dabbled in the art of filmmaking and honed his skills gradually.

Eventually kicking off his career as a photographer for Dainik Jagran, the young artist delved into the art of taking portraits and exploring the landscape of personal revelations through his work.

"One of my initial portraits were a bit risky as it captured two guys kissing. The picture was in some way a translation of my gender identity through the medium of photography."

Mohit Tiwari

Talking about his inspiration behind "reel life" content creation, the artist recalls the impact of film appreciation classes and the enigma of worldly cinema that lets him calibrate his ideation into brilliant imagery. From Wong Kar Wai movies to Argentinian films, he grapples with intricate cinematic styles like a seasoned professional, making it hard to believe he's only a few years on the scene.

"My work largely represents personal sentiment and want to create. There's always a storyline going in my shoots, mostly stuff that speaks to me personally."

Mohit Tiwari

Mohit's work sees gender and identity for what it is: fluid. His characters contradict the binary as they flex their muscles while wearing dresses and showcase avant garde looks.

Unlike mainstream artists looking to switch subjects and shoot random people, he shies away from opting to shoot just anybody and prefers shooting his friends.

"There's no scope for a forced workflow while shooting my friends. There's a mutual understanding and harmony in terms of the vision that each shoot incorporates, and a sense of intimacy flows into the shots itself!"

Mohit Tiwari

In conversation on the audience's reaction and reviews, Mohit amusingly remarks at the staggering number of unfollows that mark every experimental set of pictures he posts. However, the creative couldn't care less about likes and social media numbers - for Mohit, the ability to challenge his artistic spirit and constantly switch narratives through the lens is what drives him.

Undettered and determined to break the toxic loop of prioritising mass validation over a novel artistic viewpoint, the creative genius considers himself his target audience describing his work as "melancholic, Avant-Garde, and story-oriented".

In times of stringent censorship and policing of the queer identity as opposed to the outward imagery of reformative progression, the ground reality paints a stark image of artists grappling with narrow perspectives and clampdowns of the state and social media platforms on an artists' creative expression.Taking it all in his stride, Mohit aims to keep up his consistent and aesthetic array of work.

With a short film and a touching documentary diving into the artist's relation with his hometown in the works, the future seems hopeful and exciting for the creative. When asked about his take on the current culture scenario and his impact on it, he promptly elaborates,

"My contribution to the current culture is quite a personal battle. I aim to explore the queer body through the lens and normalise fluidity and sexuality in a society that shies away from it, one visual at a time!"

Mohit Tiwari

Head over to the incredibly talented photographer's Instagram to experience a refreshing take on conceptual shoots and much more.

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